What future is the partnership of government working toward?

A better tommorrow is a steep course.     

'The STEEP Course', presented at this site, is an application in long-range planning, behavior, and performance
in support of the process of continual improvement of cities, counties, states, nations, or unions of organizations?

There is an American measure heritage that contains an amazing and valuable picture of the behavior of the people and condition of the place.
This application can consolidate the result/outcome measure heritage in a behavior/performance framework and vehicle of political communication.

The information pattern produced is a measure based, 1) enterprise forecast of the future the partnership is working toward,
2) set of models of best understanding of situations of investment and work, and 3) the enterprise standard of improvement.

An application would do the basic data visualization, capture and present in context expert knowledge and understanding,
and chronicle the state and change in state of situations of investment and work and difference the partnership is making.

The application presents efforts to improve situations of investment and work.
A situation is represented by a measure-based profile of 'best understanding'.   An effort is represented by a measured plan.

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